Free the Air: part of Tomás Saraceno’s Particular Matter(s), New York (2022)


Project Data Artist: Tomás Saraceno Client : 3DTex Location: The Shed, NY Structure: multi-sensory installation consisting of two walkable steel webs, steel structure and a pneumatic large balloon Material: steel, stainless steel X-Tend mesh, steel cables, aluminum, Helium tight coated membrane Covered area: 700 sqm Balloon volume: 14.130 qm Fotos: © Tomás Saraceno, 3DTex, z3rch… Continue reading Free the Air: part of Tomás Saraceno’s Particular Matter(s), New York (2022)

Monastery Lehnin, Germany (2014)

Project data Architect: Ruge Architekten Engineering: z3rch Structure: Tensigrity structure with loop cable Material: PVC/PES membrane, steel + steel cables Covered Area: 55 sqm photos: 3dtex, z3rch The City Hall of Monastery Lehnin, near Berlin, was looking for a structure that would provide sun protection for a tourist information pavilion made entirely of glass. The… Continue reading Monastery Lehnin, Germany (2014)

College Kopernikus – Frutillar, Chile (2015)

Project data Design: Desmontables S.A. Engineering: z3rch Structure: Hypar Material: PVC/PES membrane, wood + steel Covered Area: 70 sqm photos: Desmontables S.A. This small but very powerfull sail is the covering for the kids playground of the Kopernikus School. The Kopernikus school is located in a small town in south Chile, next to the beatifull… Continue reading College Kopernikus – Frutillar, Chile (2015)

YAP_Constructo 9, Santiago de Chile 2019

Project Data Architect: GA Estudio Competition: YAP Constructo 9 – Chile Z3RCH: Counsulting for the Structural Concept Structure: Cable net reinforced Water / Air Tank Covered area: aprox. 200 sqm Fotos: GA Estudio This project explores the architectural possibilities of a flexible water cistern (tank): an industrial element that gives shape to the problem of… Continue reading YAP_Constructo 9, Santiago de Chile 2019

The Warming Hut – Winnipeg, Canada (2010)

Coc00n project for the Warming huts at the Forks in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. January 02011. Project by University of Manitoba Professor Lancelot Coar.

Project data Architect: Lancelot Coar Engineer: z3rch Structure: Tensile framework for ice layer Material: Stretch fabric, fiber glass rebars GFRP + water Covered Area: 45 sqm photos: Lancelot Coar In January of 2012, The Department of Architecture at the University of Manitoba was invited to design and construct a project for the frozen river trail… Continue reading The Warming Hut – Winnipeg, Canada (2010)