YAP_Constructo 9, Santiago de Chile 2019

Project Data

Architect: GA Estudio
Competition: YAP Constructo 9 – Chile
Z3RCH: Counsulting for the Structural Concept
Structure: Cable net reinforced Water / Air Tank
Covered area: aprox. 200 sqm
Fotos: GA Estudio

This project explores the architectural possibilities of a flexible water cistern (tank): an industrial element that gives shape to the problem of water today, its possibilities of collection, retention, easy mobilization and care.
We have proposed to erect a flexible water cistern, a tank that with slight adjustments will transform it into cover, mixing air and water. 25% of water 75% of air supported thanks to a collaborative structure between a mound of compacted earth (static) and another of tensegrity (flexible) where elements subjected to traction and compression tie the entire system.
The weight of the water activates all the structural elements. As a dead weight, the cistern lies on top of a “bed”, “network” or “shirt” that connects with the perimeter pillars. This weight is transformed into a surface tension on the “bed” which is derived as traction to the cables and compression to the perimeter pillars forming a continuous flow of energy that is closed within the structural system.

Text for the competition by GA Estudio.