Oxygen – San José, Costa Rica (2018)

Project data Architect: Jerde Engineering ETFE + cable structure, cutting patterns: z3rch Main contractor ETFE-Cushion: 3dtex Assembly: Lonas Lorenzo Manufacturing ETFE: Novum Manufacturing Stainless Steel Cables: Jakob Structure: Cable net supported ETFE cushion Material: ETFE natural + IR-Cut, Stainless steel cables Covered Area: 1.600 sqm photos: 3dtex, Lonas Lorenzo San Francisco de Heredia will soon… Continue reading Oxygen – San José, Costa Rica (2018)

Monastery Lehnin, Germany (2014)

Project data Architect: Ruge Architekten Engineering: z3rch Structure: Tensigrity structure with loop cable Material: PVC/PES membrane, steel + steel cables Covered Area: 55 sqm photos: 3dtex, z3rch The City Hall of Monastery Lehnin, near Berlin, was looking for a structure that would provide sun protection for a tourist information pavilion made entirely of glass. The… Continue reading Monastery Lehnin, Germany (2014)