Sergio Leiva
Dipl.-Ing. University of Chile
M. Eng. Membrane Structures, Anhalt University Germany
Languages Spanish, English, German

2012 Master of Membranes Structures, Anhalt University, Germany
2004 Beautiful Arts, University of Chile
2002 Structural Engineering, University of Chile

since 2011 Berlin Building Chamber, Germany
since 2006 Institue for Membrane and Schell Technologies, Building and Real State, Dessau, Germany

Professional Experience / Main Engineering Projects
2018 Oxigeno, San Francisco de Heredia, Costa Rica, CR (Steel cable supported ETFE cushion)
2018 Stadio della Roma, Italy (Cable trusses with PTFE/glass membrane)
2017 The Sail Tower, Jedahh, KSA (Silicone glass membrane, Aluminium)
2015 La Victoria Shoping Mall, Ciudad de Mexiko, Mexiko (Steel, Aluminium, PVC /PES membrane, ETFE)
2014 Nativa Shoping Mall Monterrey, Mexico (Aluminium, ETFE)
2013 Covering Sport Center Effretikon, Switzerland (PTFE)
2011 Roof for Cloister Lehnin, Lehnin Deutschland (Steel, PVC/PES)
2010 Roof for Kiev‘s Olympic Stadium (Cable trusses with PTFE-fiber glass cover membrane)
2009 Automotive fair Frankfurt, IAA 2009, Germany (Cover of PVC-PES for the Mercedes Benz stand)
2009 Bus station Aarau, Switzerland (Steel, ETFE-Foil)
2008 Schloss Dresden, Germany (ETFE-Foil)
2008 Pyräeus 180, Greece (Retractable roof, silicon-fi ber glass)
2007 Covering central Hall Chambers of Engineers, Chile (PVC-PES)