College Kopernikus – Frutillar, Chile (2015)

Project data

Design: Desmontables S.A.
Engineering: z3rch
Structure: Hypar
Material: PVC/PES membrane, wood + steel
Covered Area: 70 sqm
photos: Desmontables S.A.

This small but very powerfull sail is the covering for the kids playground of the Kopernikus School. The Kopernikus school is located in a small town in south Chile, next to the beatifull Llanquihue lake, Frutillar. Following the principles of the school of teaching respect, innovation and linkage to the surroundings is that this “simple saddle” was designed in conversation with the fully nature of the region. Massive wood mast under compresion and steel plates covered in wood as tie backs gives life to this beautifull rain and sun protection for the school kids. A project that ratify the beautifull combination of structural membranes and wood.