Red Sea Mall ETFE skylight (2018)

Project Data

Architect: Midrar Consulting
Z3RCH: Engineering ETFE cushion and cable net + cutting patterns
Client : Gulf Shade
Structure: Cable net reinforced big ETFE cushion
Material: ETFE natural / printed + Steel Cables
Covered area: 760 sqm
Fotos: Gulf Shade

The Red Sea Mall will host the first cinema to open in Jeddah. The cinema infraestructure occupies an 8,000 sqm space and will have 1,472 seats in 12 halls, including standard and VIP halls, an IMAX screen, a 4DX auditorium with motion-controlled seats, and halls for children.

For this new experience for the people of Jeddah we were asked to design the ETFE cushion that covers the opening of the ceiling at the entrance of the cinema. The structure consist of 9 ETFE cushion with different dimensions reinforced by a steel cable net. Every cushion is independent from the other and is made of a 3 layer system to achieve a better thermical insulation.
The biggest ETFE cushion is 21 x 9 m and describe an oval form.

The cushions cover approximately 80% of the hall entrance area with a minimum amount of steel structure. This means that we have approximately 80% of natural light that illuminates the main hall of the first cinema in the city of Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.