Red Sea Mall ETFE skylight (2018)

Project Data Architect: Midrar Consulting Z3RCH: Engineering ETFE cushion and cable net + cutting patterns Client : Gulf Shade Structure: Cable net reinforced big ETFE cushion Material: ETFE natural / printed + Steel Cables Covered area: 760 sqm Fotos: Gulf Shade The Red Sea Mall will host the first cinema to open in Jeddah. The… Continue reading Red Sea Mall ETFE skylight (2018)

Multihalle Mannheim, Germany 2019

Project data Arquitect: HMGB Architekten Competition: Democratic Umbrella Z3RCH:  Counsulting for the Structural Concept Structure: Cable net supported ETFE cushion Covered Area: aprox. 1.250 + 700 sqm photos: HMGB Architekten Design for the international competition for the Multihalle Mannheim from HMGB Architekten. Dos cojínes de ETFE son concebidos para ser construidos dentro del hall. Generando un… Continue reading Multihalle Mannheim, Germany 2019