Paseo Acoxpa – Mexico City (2018)


Project data

Arquitect: Grupo Arquitech
Cutting patterns ETFE: z3rch
Structure: ETFE Kissen überdachung
Material: ETFE IR-Cut 250µm + Natural printed 200 µm
Covered Area: aprox. 1.000 sqm
photos: 3dtex

Paseo Acoxpa is an outdoor shopping center of 56,000 square metres opened in 2010 in colonia Ex-Hacienda Coapa, Mexico City.

The project consist of a roof of 67 m long and 16 m wide in the form of a half cylinder. The steel structure describing the half cylinder was done with arches that cross their self to form equal diamond areas between the arches.

Every diamond was covered with an ETFE cushion, making a total of 235 cushion to be confection and installed. 3 types of cushion where needed to complete the 1.685 sqm of roof surface area.