Lima University, Peru (2020)

Project Data

Design: Cidelsa
Client: Cidelsa
Structure: Free form neumatic structure, ETFE foil cushions + steel borders
Material: ETFE natural + printed, Aluminum borders + Steel Structure
Covered Area: 380 sqm
Photos: Cidelsa

Design and Engineering of ETFE cushion system.
-Statics and Form Finding for ETFE cushions.
-Definition o work pressure.
-Detailing connections.
-Cutting Patterns of ETFE foil.

At the end of 2019, the firm CIDELSA contact us to help them develop what would be the first ETFE Cushion Roof in Perú. The project was to cover the inner court of the new
building of the University of Lima, a building with LEED certification.

The project consist of 22 ETFE cushion with a triangular form. These cushion are fixed on the border to a steel structure. The ETFE cushion boders spans up to ten meters on the longest side. The work of z3rch was mostly to advice the client on the design process of ETFE cushions, since they can not build in every form and dimension. After this design process was achieved we were able to finalize the calculation and produce the pattern to be able to build the ETFE panels.

After the realization of the project, Perú has it first ETFE cushion roof oh his Architectural history.