La victoria shopping mall – Santiago de Queretaro, Mexico (2017)

Project data

Design: Lonas Lorenzo
Engineering Steel + ETFE: z3rch
Contractor: Lonas Lorenzo + 3dtex
Structure: Free form pneumatic structure
Material: ETFE foil + steel + steel cables + aluminium
Covered Area: aprox. 1.000 sqm
photos: 3dtex, Lonas Lorenzo

The ETFE roof of the Shopping Mall “La Victoria” in Queretaro, Mexico, is our second project together with Lonas Lorenzo.

For this project we have designed an oval steel ring which is covered with a PCV/PES layer to hide the steel structure. The big oval ring described by steel structure was designed to be covered with an ETFE material. In this way we have a designed a big ETFE Cushion of 30 m length, 24 m wide and 7.5 m high, being this by the moment, the biggest ETFE cushion in America.

The big volume inside the steel ring it is put under pressure to give form to the outer ETFE surfaces, and to have the structure under working tension. The steel ring structure, covering aprox. 1.000 sqm wil be held in 4 points, making the idea of levitating of the project possible.