Red Sea Mall ETFE skylight (2018)

Project Data Architect: Midrar Consulting Z3RCH: Engineering ETFE cushion and cable net + cutting patterns Client : Gulf Shade Structure: Cable net reinforced big ETFE cushion Material: ETFE natural / printed + Steel Cables Covered area: 760 sqm Fotos: Gulf Shade The Red Sea Mall […]

The Harbor, Merida, Mexico (2018)

Project data Design: Lonas Lorenzo ETFE planning: z3rch Cutting pattern ETFE: form-TL Assembly: Lonas Lorenzo ETFE roof system: 3dtex Structure: ETFE cushion Material: ETFE IR-Cut + steel + aluminium Covered Area: aprox. 1.850 sqm photos: 3dtex The project consist in 2 halls and the main […]

Paseo Acoxpa – Mexico City (2018)

Project data Arquitect: Grupo Arquitech Cutting patterns ETFE: z3rch Structure: ETFE Kissen überdachung Material: ETFE IR-Cut 250µm + Natural printed 200 µm Covered Area: aprox. 1.000 sqm photos: 3dtex Paseo Acoxpa is an outdoor shopping center of 56,000 square metres opened in 2010 in colonia Ex-Hacienda Coapa, Mexico […]

Oxygen – San José, Costa Rica (2018)

Project data Architect: Jerde Engineering ETFE + cable structure, cutting patterns: z3rch Main contractor ETFE-Cushion: 3dtex Assembly: Lonas Lorenzo Manufacturing ETFE: Novum Manufacturing Stainless Steel Cables: Jakob Structure: Cable net supported ETFE cushion Material: ETFE natural + IR-Cut, Stainless steel cables Covered Area: 1.600 sqm […]

Nativa shopping mall – Monterrey, Mexico (2014)

Project data Design: 3dtex + Lonas Lorenzo Engineering ETFE + Detailing: z3rch Patterning ETFE: form-TL Assembly: Lonas Lorenzo Structure: Free form pneumatic structure Material: ETFE foil natural + white, Aluminium profiles Covered Area: 1.600 sqm photos: 3dtex Cubierta voronoi is the first ETFE roof in […]

Ecor – Schio, Italy (2010)

h4>Project data Architect: Benetti &amp, Lovato Engineering: form-TL Structure: Tensile facade Material: Silicon glas membrane + aluminium porfiles Covered Area: 900 sqm + 980 sqm photos: Cristian Guizzo

Monastery Lehnin, Germany (2014)

Project data Architect: Ruge Architekten Engineering: z3rch Structure: Tensigrity structure with loop cable Material: PVC/PES membrane, steel + steel cables Covered Area: 55 sqm photos: 3dtex, z3rch The City Hall of Monastery Lehnin, near Berlin, was looking for a structure that would provide sun protection […]

College Kopernikus – Frutillar, Chile (2015)

Project data Design: Desmontables S.A. Engineering: z3rch Structure: Hypar Material: PVC/PES membrane, wood + steel Covered Area: 70 sqm photos: Desmontables S.A. This small but very powerfull sail is the covering for the kids playground of the Kopernikus School. The Kopernikus school is located in […]

Riverside Vallenar, Chile (2015)

Project data Design: SurFace Engineering: z3rch Structure: Tensigrity structure with loop cable Material: PVC/PES membrane, steel + steel cables Covered Area: 120 sqm photos: surface

The Warming Hut – Winnipeg, Canada (2010)

Project data Architect: Lancelot Coar Engineer: z3rch Structure: Tensile framework for ice layer Material: Stretch fabric, fiber glass rebars GFRP + water Covered Area: 45 sqm photos: Lancelot Coar In January of 2012, The Department of Architecture at the University of Manitoba was invited to […]