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Ecor – Schio, Italien (2010)

Projektdaten Architekt: Benetti &amp, Lovato Ingenieur: form-TL Strukture: Tensile facade Material: Silizium Glas Membrane + Aluminium Profile überbaute Fläche: 900 sqm + 980 sqm Fotos: Cristian Guizzo

Wandelgang Kloster Lehnin, Deutschland (2012)

Projektdaten Architekt: Ruge Architekten Ingengieur: z3rch Struktur: Tensigrity structure with loop cable Material: PVC/PES Membrane, Stahl + Stahlseile überdeckte Fläche: 55 qm Fotos: 3dtex + z3rch The City Hall of Lehnin Monastery, near Berlin, was looking for a structure that would provide sun protection for […]

Hochschule Kopernikus – Frutillar, Chile (2015)

Projektdaten Design: Desmontables S.A. Ingeniuer: z3rch Struktur: Hypar Material: PVC/PES Membrane, Holz + Stahl überdeckte Fläche: 70 qm Fotos: Desmontables S.A. This small but very powerfull sail is the covering for the kids playground of the Kopernikus School. The Kopernikus school is located in a […]

Promenade Vallenar, Chile (2015)

Projektdaten Design: SurFace Ingenieur: z3rch Strukture: Tensigrity structure with loop cable Material: PVC/PES Membrane, Stahl, Stahlseile überdeckte Fläche: 120 qm Fotos: surface

Die wärmende Hütte – Winnipeg, Kanada (2010)

Projektdaten Architekt: Lancelot Coar Ingenieur: z3rch Struktur: Zuggerüst für Eisschicht Material: Stretchgewebe, Glasfaserverstärkungen GFRP + Wasser überdeckte Fläche: 45 qm Fotos: Lancelot Coar In January of 2012, The Department of Architecture at the University of Manitoba was invited to design and construct a project for […]